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I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor with 22 years experience in private practice and I am happy to share some more about my training and life experience to help you get a better sense of how we might get along.

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My Journey

My early career was in the construction industry. Then at the age of40 'in the middle of the road of my life,' like the poet Dante, 'I awoke in the dark wood where the true way was wholly lost'.  I felt muddled and confused and needed help. 

What followed was a dark night of the Soul. At that time I was fortunate to find a therapist who supported me through this painful period and helped me find my 'true way'.... to myself!

It was  through this healing relationship that my life began to change and I began to feel and to open to what had been lost, on hold, and undigested.  I also began to experience  a ground that was new and trustable.  Over time I felt inspired to train in the profession and found (or was found by)  Revision: a centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis.  This training drew me because it put  Soul and relationship at its centre. During this time I set up my private practice while also working at Saneline and Mind.

Alongside my work with individual clients I co- ran a successful weekly Mens group for 5 years.  I left London and came to Devon and followed my earlier training with a post qualifying MA in Mindful Psychotherapy Practice through the Core process model at the Karuna institute on Dartmoor.

In the last twenty five years I have explored a range of therapies and healing modalities, including NLP (in which I have a Diploma), EFT, Shamanic practices, Dance, Meditation & Spiritual Healing, and I have been part of a Movement of Being group enquiring into Embodied Presence here in Devon for sixteen years.

My work has developed and been informed through a deep commitment to my own process of healing and growth.  I am passionate about offering this work, and the mysterious and particular ways in which each being finds his or her way home.

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Qualifications & training


The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy is both a charity and an accrediting body that set standards and a'codes of ethics' for counsellors and psychotherapists to adhere to.

I have been Accredited since 2000.  Accreditation gets reviewed and renewed annually.


Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) is a mindfully-based approach that invites a deep ongoing awareness of the BodyMind.  As a therapy it offers a joint practice between therapist and client that can open our psychology to a more satisfying and relationally embodied life.

One of the things I really appreciated and was fascinated and helped by at Karuna was the attention given to the pre and peri natal period  (before and after birth) and how our earliest experiences inflence and lay the ground for how we are as adults.  


Intergrative Psycosynthesis  offers a soulful  perspective to a craft that values growing down and deepening over the upwardly  heroic masculine.  it values depth, relationship, vulnerability, containment and immeadiacy.  

from the bitterness of salt to the wisdom of salt.  From an udifferentiated wound to an appreciation of it's necessity.